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The International timber trade programme (ITT)

A programme taught in English

ITT is a six months course (from September to February) covering international trade techniques, marketing, logistics and specialized courses on wood based products such as marketing wood products and wood logistics.

It is also possible for students to continue with a 6 month internship in France or abroad (from March to August).

Competences to be learnt

This course trains commercial executives mainly for import-export services of national and multinational companies, as well as product managers. As well as improving their knowledge in  wood technology the students will acquire professional knowledge in the commercial field such as international marketing, business planning, intercultural management or international negotiations.

This course was created in order to reply to companies’ increasing demand of qualified commercial engineers for international markets.

The competences acquired through this course can lead to positions such as purchase manager; export manager; product manager.

Professionals from trading companies, international wood based products manufacturers regularly hold conferences on international timber trade topics.

Application for International students

Application deadlines

If you are interested, please use the online application plateform .

Fill in and send it back before 31 May.


Fees for the ITT Program are 3125€ (semester studies).

If the student want to follow with a 6 month internship, fees are 5250€ (one year studies).