Engineering degree

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ESB trains Wood Technology Engineers (equivalent to a Master Degree).

The three-year curriculum is taught in French. Possible additional year of intensive French courses at Nantes University before starting the engineering courses.

Training objectives

The curriculum is based on wood science and technology  and includes management, business, law, marketing, foreign languages and communication.

The engineer in wood science and technology is first and foremost a professional with a practical background , high transversal scientific expertise  and well-defined technical skills  necessary to integrate a company.

This diploma is recognized by the French High Authority for Engineers which enables graduate students to work as engineers.


First year

The first year focuses on the discovery of wood as a material and teamwork.

Students learn how to identify wood species which comes from forests or as products from a factory.

They learn about the main transformations of wood and the necessary means to achieve them.

All these skills are based on a broad knowledge of mathematics, industrial physics, chemistry, data processing, production management...

All these skills are evaluated through personal or collective work, projects and work placements.

Students finish their academic year with a two month internship period (June – July).

Second year

The second year focuses on helping students to learn how to make decisions and accepting their responsibilities.

For example how to choose a wood species according to a particular end-use, its material properties, its use (furnishing, woodwork, structure), the finishing expected, transformation costs, the strategy chosen by the student rises from a technical solution or a manufacturing process both previously evaluated by experiment, an evaluation or a simulation. 

A two month internship period is required in January and February.

Third year

It is the year of professionalization, students have to choose between one of the following specializations:

A  5 month work experience in a company in France or abroad is required (from March to August).


One academic year is charged 5250€.

Application for International students

Academic requisite

  • Access to the three-years curriculum: 2 year scientific or technological degree, Bachelor degree (3 years) or French "Classe préparatoire".
  • Direct access to the two-year curriculum (2nd and third year): Bachelor degree (4 years) or Master Degree.

Application process