Chile : experience of the double-degree

Published on 21 February 2017

David Teffo, engineer student at Ecole Supérieure du Bois, is following a double degree in Bio Bio University in Chile.

He shares below his human and professional experience in a country he qualifies as « magic ».

How would you describe your stay in Chile ?

After two years at ESB, I left for Bio Bio University in Chile to follow the double degree.

I will soon complete three study semesters, then in March I will integrate the company Arauco as a trainee. Arauco is the most biggest forestry group in Chile and third group in the world.

I adapted myself very quickly! Chilians are very welcoming with foreigners, especially towards French. After two or three months, I could lead a conversation and express myself easily. After one year and a half here, I have no problem with the language !

What surprised you most when arriving in Chile ?

Chile is magic. There are many opportunities for young European graduates.

It is very busy  around the capital but concerning wood sector, most of the companies are in the area of Bio Bio.

There are four important industrial groups in Chile with a high level of manufacturing for North American and Asian markets.

What does this experience bring you ?

On a human point of view, it’s a unique experience that I recommend to any student.

And on a professional point of view, I have developed many contacts, especially when visiting companies  during these three semesters.