Key information

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The ESB Group trains managers for the various fields of the wood industry.

It offers a wide range of courses in the field of wood science and technology.

This Engineering school specialised in Wood Science and Technology, is a non-profit institute under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Higher Education and a « Conférence des grandes écoles » member.

Established in 1934, the ESB Group moved from Paris to Nantes in 1993 and since then has benefited from the dynamic region Pays de Loire and exerted its influence in France and abroad.

Its creation was possible with the help of the wood sector itself and the French Ministries of Agriculture, Education and Industry.


What is a "grande école" ?

A grande école traditionally prepares future managers for the industry. It pays particular attention to the following points:

  • A strong selection process to recruit highly academic and motivated students
  • A more specialized and professionalised establishment with strong relationships with companies
  • Smallest-sized schools with a high rate of staff and teachers
  • A dedicated pedagogical approach which focuses mainly on professional projects and individuals


The group’s aim is to :

  • train future managers : HND, professional bachelor’s degree, engineer diploma.
  • conduct research for the wood industry,
  • play an active role in technology transfer.

A thorough training scheme

A total of 350 students attend ESB each year to follow courses adapted to the needs of the wood industry.

More than 2500 graduate engineers, researchers, junior managers have reached top management positions within companies of the wood industry in the following fields: research, sustainable forest management, construction, Industrial logistics and production, trade, auditing...