A double degree programme with Russia

Published on 14 January 2016

Antoine is currently enroll ed in a double degree programme specialized in wood technology with both University of Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinburg in Russia and ESB.

Russia : a major part of his studies dedicated to a country!

When he arrived at ESB, Antoine decided to distinguish himself choosing one of the toughest second foreign language : Russian ! 

After 2 years at ESB, many information and exchanges, Antoine finally decided to join the double degree programme with Russia.

He spent his first semester at University of Chelyabinsk totally dedicated to the Russian language education. 

"I was following from 4 to 5 hours of Russian every day with my teacher. Then, I progressively moved towards other University courses with Russian students .  Sharing a flat contributed to my integration and helped me a lot improving my communication skills in Russian.”

Russian culture is very exciting

A real love affair between Antoine an this country. Far away from clichés, Antoine is amazed by the kindness and the openness of the people. "I left France with no real idea about this unknown country. We first think this is a cold and distant country, but people in reality are curious, interested and warm!”

Antoine will soon start his last year of Master in  Ekaterinburg with more courses on wood technology and transformation in Russia.

What about his future career ?  He dreams about working as an engineer in Russia for a French company, and he knows that many opportunities exist for such unique profiles who speak Russian!